Wednesday, January 29, 2014

WOW. 2014.

Such busy. So time...

Okay, done with the doge references. But HI GUYS. I'm still alive! I have spent most of this first month of the new year moving into my new house, so not much sewing progress or blogging has been done. And there was also illness... There is a really nasty flu virus going around and I was out of work for almost a whole week. It was pretty miserable. But I got to be sick in my beautiful new house! It was a slight silver lining to an otherwise terrible week. So I'm happy. And things are finally starting to settle into a routine, so the hobbies I love can start back up again! YAY!

I have been knitting more than anything... I am soooo close to being done with this scarf:

hufflepuff harry potter scarf

Seriously. 3 more stripes. 5 TOPS. and I am doooone! Finally! I have been using this scarf to master the continental knitting style. It is a lot faster once you get the hang of it! Some early benchmarking showed that this new knitting style was at least 16% faster. And I'm even faster now, so I need to test again. (Am I a huge dork for admitting that I calculated that?) Anyway, highly recommend it for when you have miles and miles of stockinette to do! Here's a tutorial/demo.

scrappy chevron quilt

scrappy chevron quilt

I have also made progress on my scrappy chevrons quilt! I am almost halfway through piecing the top together. I can't WAIT to get this one done. It has haunted me for soooo long. But it is going to look so awesome when it's done, I can't complain too much!!

So. Updates. I'll have to get some pictures of the house to show you. I am in the process of setting up my new sewing room now. There is so much light! It makes me so happy! I actually took the above pictures indoors and didn't have to wait for the exact right hour of the day and stand very carefully to not cast shadows. Amaaaazing.

Okay. Sorry I have been absent for so long, but sometimes life just happens. I should be back much more regularly now. I have some exciting things going on this year! I'll have to write up a post just dedicated to those. Because they deserve it.

How has your January been?

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