Wednesday, November 26, 2014


November was supposed to be a better month for blogging, wasn't it? That's what I remember thinking at the beginning of November.

Then a series of THINGS happened. First, I got a promotion at work (YAY!). This, of course, is wonderful news that means a modest pay bump and an end to working Saturdays (OMG SO HAPPY ABOUT THAT). But it also meant the first two weeks or so in November were full of a mad scramble to get everything in order for my old position- training my back-up to do the work full time, making sure I wasn't leaving her with a huge mess, etc. Those were looooong days, after which I didn't want to do anything but watch Gilmore Girls and cuddle with my dogs.

Which leads me to the next THING. My silly white husky, Charles, AKA Charlie, AKA that white fuzzball who is forever photo bombing pictures for this blog, had a lump on his chest sort of near his armpit. Or legpit? I don't know what to call it on dogs since you know... they don't have arms. So that required vet trips, biopsies, lab analyses, you know. And come to find out it's a mast cell tumor and needs to be removed. So he is scheduled for surgery after the holiday. The vet is very confident that we will remove all the cancerous cells on the first run-through so I'm trying really hard not to worry. And being grateful that I have to check my dogs so regularly for tics (I swear we have super tics here that just don't care about drops or collars or any other preventive measure) because otherwise it may have gone unnoticed

THEN. This past weekend I had a family member in the hospital! Everyone is now okay, but my goodness. November has thrown me for a loop and ruined all my plans...

But you deserve something. So here is all I have managed this month.

embroidered elephant and fox coin purses

Two cute little coin purses. Already listed on Etsy. It's not much to show for a month, is it? UGH.

embroidered elephant coin purse

But at least they're cute...

embroidered fox coin purse

December has to be better than November, right? I have stacks of fabrics just staring me in the face every time I go into my sewing room. It's getting ridiculous. But tonight is the beginning of a looooong weekend and I intend to get a lot done. THERE WILL BE UPDATES.

How has November been for you? Ready to scarf down some turkey tomorrow? BECAUSE OH GAWD I SO AM. That is all.