Wednesday, November 13, 2013

So Many Colors!

Progress is happening. It is. I am finally ironing the 500+ little blocks that will eventually become a big scrappy chevron quilt. I am turning the orderly little piles on the left into the chaos on the right:

scrappy chevron block progress

It took me 2 recorded lectures (both over an hour) to get this many ironed. I think one more and I'll be done... I really hope. I hate ironing! Although I do like it more when I'm actually watching something fun.

Here's another shot of all that color:

scrappy chevron blocks

I think this quilt is going to be SUPER AWESOME. when it's finished. It better be after all this work!

I also may have had a little shopping accident...

scrumptious salt water simply style and in from the cold

Yes. That is a layer cake of both Scrumptious and Salt Water. And two mini charm packs of In From the Cold and Simply Style... The Simply style is for my granny blocks. The In From the Cold is because I think (probably mistakenly) that this may finally be the year I make stockings. Maybe. Scrumptious is already being turned into a Christmas gift (pictures to come!) and the Salt Water... is because it's pretty. So, whatever. 75% have actual plans attached. That's not bad!

I know I have been an infrequent visitor to my own blog lately and that's because there is SO MUCH else going on in my life. I went to my first conference last week (which means I'm officially an adult) AND. I'm house shopping! AHH! Add the two classes I'm taking to that and it pretty much means I barely have time to think, let alone blog. But once or twice a week is just fine for my brain right now. Hopefully once things settle down in other areas I'll have more time to focus on my far more glamorous internet life. Because let's face it, quilt/craft blogging is MUCH more glamorous than dealing with the day to day problems of a budget-strapped academic research library. RIGHT?

Oh man, I am tired. Have a lovely evening. And wish me luck on my test tomorrow! ;)

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  1. 500+ little blocks - oh my! Good luck with that! You didn't have a shopping accident - excellent purchases!

  2. Wow, that's going to be some quilt! And some very nice shopping :)

  3. Good luck on your test! Love the new fabric. And what a pretty pile of wip!

  4. That scrappy quilt is going to be lovely! And stashing Tula is always a good idea. My Tula drawer (yes, I have an entire Tula drawer) is getting a little intense. :) Congrats on adult stuff and looking for a house and all. That's really exciting!

  5. Good luck on your test!

    I love your description of fabric shopping as a "shopping accident." It was a beautiful accident.

    Keep us posted on your progress on your scrappy chevron. I'm really curious to see how it turns out. I love scrappy quilts the most.

  6. The punch of yellow is fabulous in your little 500 or so blocks! Hope the test went great!

  7. Those chevrons are going to be totally awesome. Good luck with all the grown up stuff!

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