Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Bee blocks!

The blocks have been arriving pretty steadily over here, but I thought I would wait til I had most of them to show them to you...

framed granny square blocks

Here they are, so happy together. I know they look like they're all different sizes- it's because they are. Some of the ladies purposely left them big so I could trim them down myself. Aren't they fun? I thought at first I would sash them all in white when I put the top together but now I'm not sure. What do you think?

This represents the efforts of 8 of my bee mates with one more for sure on the way... It's a newbie bee and we've had some problems with people disappearing, so I'm planning on just being content with what I receive.

Action shot of the hyper pooch leaping over the blocks (at least she jumped over them instead of running through them?):

dog jumping over framed granny square blocks

Silly dog.

I also made a cover for the cushions on our new couch. See, we bought these awesome new leather couches... The price was so good, we just could pass them up. And honestly, we hated our old couch. It was waaay too much of a hair magnet to have a husky. No amount of vacuuming ever did any good. But we realized (after we paid, of course) that our dogs are definitely not trained to stay off the couches. Which is fine, really. I've never in my life had pets that stayed off the furniture. But that did present the problem of their little claws scratching and ripping our pretty new leather couches...

chevron couch cover

Enter: super cheap chevron canvas at SAS and my brilliant idea of sewing up a little "fitted sheet" for the cushions. The dogs don't really go on the arms of the couch and I didn't want to cover the whole thing up, so this seemed like a pretty good solution! What do you think? It really is made like a fitted sheet. It has elastic in the bottom to keep it on and boxed corners. So far it's working really well! I know it looks a little loose, but that was intentional. Canvas doesn't really stretch and when there's two or three people on it, it becomes much more taut but not so taut that it pulls the elastic up. Of course, we'll have to wait and see how long it hold up. But at $5 a yard for pretty heavy canvas, I wouldn't really mind making another set!

 I haven't finished up the one for the love seat yet and I have been trying to take pictures of the process. Would anyone be interested in a little tutorial? I figure there must be some other people out there with pets and couches to protect :) Let me know in the comments!

Also, that giveaway I keep promising... it IS coming. As well as a proper post on my first year of blogging! It's just been hectic here and tomorrow morning I leave for Atlanta for my FIRST EVER conference (if you don't count the state thespian conferences I went to in high school)! I feel like such a grown up! I'm going with my team leader and one of the team supervisors, so it's a little nerve-wracking. I'm also using Airbnb for the first time- staying in a nice couple's apartment who travel a lot for business. I'll be sure to report on my experiences on both fronts! But yeah, the blogiversary giveaway will definitely have to be when I get back next week!

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  1. I had great experiences with AirBNB in Spain! Hope the conference goes well!

    And I dig the chevrons. You have a great eye for color!

  2. great cushion cover adn the quilt on the back of the sofa is gorgeous. Visiting from crazy mum quilts

  3. Unrelated- I'm finally back home and sleeping on the pillowcase you made me :)

  4. Nice bee blocks - so bright and vibrant. Good idea on the cover for your couch. I stayed with Airbnb in Paris and was totally satisfied with my experience. Would definitely try them again.

  5. Your blocks look so great together!! I hope you get mine soon!



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