Friday, November 1, 2013

All I've Done This Week...

Well. Other than making it to gym #7. And finishing Sense and Sensibility. And Eleanor and Park. I have been on a huge reading kick this week...

mario pixel mini quilt

A little wall hanging for a friend's housewarming/halloween party! I used this pattern from Cut to Pieces To be totally honest, though, I only did the quilting and binding this week. I actually finished the piecing sometime in September. Then I got distracted by the Split Personalities quilt. But I finished in time for the party and that's the important thing, right? RIGHT?

mario pixel mini quilting detail

Sorry for the dark pictures... I literally finished it *just* before the party and it was dark by then so... Yeah. I'm actually really pleased with how the quilting turned out. It's a star! Like, a Mario Bros. star! I printed a picture from the internets and traced it. It's pretty awesome, I think.

If I'm really, really honest, I hated piecing this. I hate tiny squares and I don't think I'll ever have the courage to make a super awesome David Tennant quilt. But that's okay. Because at least I gave it a shot, right?

If I'm really, really, really honest... I'm two glasses of wine in and typing feels like a lot of work. It has been a LONG week. Promise that giveaway is still coming. Just need to recover from all the craziness of the week first.

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  1. It looks really cute, though!! Even if you hated piecing it. :-) I think few would have the bravery to do the David Tennant - but it becomes more awesome by its rarity.

  2. Love it! I also did a Luigi pillow last year and I didn't enjoy the piecing either. You aren't alone ;) That David Tennant quilt is just... I'm speechless.

  3. visiting from crazy mum quilts. The result is great. Well done.

  4. I love it! I have a small Mario/Luigi/Bowser problem. I've amassed quite a bit of fan art stuff featuring them. I'm trying not to buy/make anymore, but its so HARD. :)

    I had to giggle a bit at "I hate small pieces"... Have you seen this project I'm working on?

    I hate small pieces too - which is why it gets put away for months at the time. :)

  5. Hi Anna, it's my first time visiting your blog. Thanks so very much on the David Tennant quilt was ALOT of work; but well worth it. I think your Mario Bros. wall-hanging is great! It takes guts to make any sort of quilt using small squares, no matter the size.


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