Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pillow + Amigurumi

Good morning!

Well, I didn't do a lot of crafty things over the weekend. Barbecue and beer with good friends won out over my sewing machine. But I have no regrets!

I did get this little pillow top finished.

It was quick to sew up and I like the way it turned out. I had some tension problems with my machine for a while before I was actually able to sew it, though. Apparently (according to the internets) the Brother XL-3750 often has tension problems and it has something to do with the bobbin case. So I opened it up and treated it like I would an old Nintendo- I jiggled it around and blew on it til it worked. And you know what? It did. Maybe I should start calling my machine NES.

Speaking of Nintendo, I also made this little guy for a friend's birthday. He just needs a mouth, but I couldn't decide what to do for the mouth. I have no embroidery skills (though I would like to learn) so I'm just sewing little felt face pieces on. Maybe I'll just do a little dot for the mouth. Kirby at rest. I made Kirby using this pattern.

I saw a quilt I absolutely want to make. It's from Quilts from the House of Tula Pink and it's houndstooth! O.O I have wanted to make a houndstooth quilt since I started putting together my first quilt top. The only problem? I don't have the book. But I want it. That's going on my birthday/Christmas wishlist. Houndstooth! I'm so glad houndstooth is suddenly fashionable. It used to be that I could only find it in thrift stores in the form of pant and skirt suits (usually with shoulder pads, too- UGH). But now it's everywhere! I need to stock up before it goes out of style again :D 

Well, that's all for today. See you around!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Inaugural Post

Hello there. It seems you have stumbled across the little space I have carved out for myself in the internets. Welcome!

Lately I have been into crafting. A lot. I would be sewing up a pretty pillow right now if my arm weren't sore. But instead I am looking at old pictures while the new ones are copying onto my computers, feeling nostalgic remembering all the silly, fun times. It is nice to realize I have had a lot of silly, fun times. And I have a lot of pictures that make me smile to show for it :)

But on to craftier topics...

I have been avidly reading all sorts of crafty blogs- mostly to do with sewing, quilting, and crochet- and they have been nothing but inspiring. I love seeing regular everyday people like me creating wonderful things! And if they can do it, why can't I, right? So...

This is my first ever quilt top! :D It is far from perfect. I set it aside well over a year ago because the rows weren't lining up perfectly and I really didn't want to go back and do it all over again. But then I got a sudden inspiration to finish it, flaws be damned. This inspiration likely came because of a powerful need to put off doing homework... But I finished it! It hasn't been quilted yet- I have been practicing my quilting skills on a much smaller scale before I tackle the whole quilt top. But I want to get it all done this winter. Maybe even before the new year! That would be lovely.

In the mean time, to hone my skills, I have decided to make pillows. Why pillows? My couch is pretty much made of (ugly) pillows already. But I figure pillows are good, cute little projects to help me practice patchwork and quilting.

Pillow number 1! I was so proud of myself for finishing it! I am less proud of this picture. I don't know how I turned on that ugly date stamp. It will have to go next time. I wish I could work on another one right now! But alas, it is not meant to be tonight. 

Well. Thank you for stopping by! I plan to make this a regular thing, so come back sometime soon! In the mean time, I will be reading, reading, reading about quilting until my arm feels better. See you around!