Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Blogger's Quilt Festival 2

For my second entry, I am putting forward my Hounds Tooth quilt. I wanted to make a hounds tooth quilt for my bed even before I finished my first quilt. It's just a pattern that I love and I thought it would make a really cool quilt. I was not wrong.

hounds tooth quilt
Bit wrinkly- but it gets used a lot so you'll have to give me a break ;)
This was only my 3rd every quilt. The previous two were pretty small- not larger than 5ft square. So what is the logical next step? A queen sized BEHEMOTH. Naturally. It wasn't quick, but I absolutely love it. This is what lives on my bed now and I couldn't be happier with it. The above picture was taken today. When I originally finished it, I wasn't able to get any decent pictures and was too eager to get it on my bed to wait for better conditions :P

hounds tooth back and quilting detail
Before the first washing
I learned a lot from making this quilt. I learned about the importance of precise piecing. I learned about randomly shrinking fabrics (ugh). And I learned most importantly that big projects like this are totally doable at home with the limited space and tools I have now if I am willing to be patient.

hounds tooth quilt close up
Closer up. Yay wrinkles!
Basic info:
Pattern: mostly V & Co.'s hounds tooth pattern, but I had no special ruler so I improvised on that part. But I followed all of the cutting and piecing instructions other than that.
Size: about 95"x89'. I left off one row of half blocks because of my little shrinking problem ;)
Fabrics: Moda Bella Solids Aubergine and Moda Bella Solids Natural. The binding is something stripey I can't remember and the backing is a Henry Glass extra wide- Baroque Purple Ivy Swirls
I quilted straight(ish) lines the width of my walking foot on either side of each seam. I wanted it to be soft and simple, which I accomplished. I used Gutermann variegated cotton purple thread for the quilting. In hindsight, I might have liked a straight light purple instead, but oh well. I still love it!

I am entering this bad boy into the Two Color category. Go check out all the pretty entries!!


  1. It's lovely! And quilts that teach you something while you're making them are very valuable ones... :-)

  2. This is a lovely quilt - I'm really glad you got a good outdoor shot of it :)

  3. Anna ... this is a very pretty quilt. It is so nice to see you sharing it on the QBF. The fabrics, colors and pattern make a wonderful two-color quilt. Kuddos! Looking forward to more of your lovely quilts ... :) Pat

  4. i love that pattern and you did a great job on it.


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