Friday, December 27, 2013

Friday Finishes


I hope you all had a wonderful holiday, however and whatever you celebrate. Mine was quite lovely. Spent time with family and friends who are pretty much family. And I spent a good deal of time sewing, which has been fantastic! Here are some things I did.

FIRST. I did it! I finished all 25 cats for the catventquiltalong! If you follow me on IG (crookedbanana), then you've probably seen all my cats. But for those of you who don't, here they are in all their rainbowy glory:

YUM. That's all I can say. I'm so proud of myself for seeing this through til the end! Now I just have to sew all those cat faces together into a super awesome little quilt that will hang on my wall. I can't have real cats because Mario is allergic, so I guess this will have to do!

I also learned to make an infinity scarf!

I only got a phone/IG picture of someone actually wearing it, oops! It was super easy, though! I decided I really would like to be able to sew with knits. I tried it once before with pretty awful results, so I thought maybe trying a scarf that is meant to be worn all bunched up and lumpy would be a much more forgiving choice than a shirt. I was right! It still isn't perfect, but I think this is a great way to get comfortable with fabrics other than quilting cottons. I read a few tutorials, but just kinda did what I wanted. Here's one if you wanna give it a shot, though:

And finally, I finished my bee blocks for the month. Of course, I forgot to go to the post office today so they're going to be a little late... but hey. Holidays and finals. Right? And she's getting 2 instead of just 1 because my sugar and caffeine-addled brain thought 25 squares would yield me 25 HSTs. WRONG.

Oh man, hot pink is hard to capture, huh? And the dying sunlight didn't help. No excuses, though. I just forgot to take pictures until twilight... Oops!

So those are the things I have finished! How about you?? Linking up to TGIFF hosted by the lovely Lorna of Sew Fresh Quilts :)


  1. Cute cats! Kudos on getting these all done on schedule. I shall have to wait for next year to have my Catvent calendar even started. I have enjoyed seeing all the pretty kitties everywhere ... :) Pat

  2. Those cats are absolutely adorable! And they will shed much less than real ones. Love the colours and fabrics you chose for them! Great job on that scarf and your hst blocks, too!

  3. Yay! I love all the finishes! But I love the hot pink most. (But then you expected that, right?)

  4. Oh man, your cats are awesome!! I stalled on mine (and I have no excuse :(), so I'm going to have to catch up!

    This bee block was definitely tricky, but not in a hard way, just in a "oops I'm dumb way"! It seemed to catch a few of us out for some reason!!


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