Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Healed and back in action!

Technically, I've been okay since about the last week of July. Technically. But there was so much knitting and sewing to catch up on that I've only just sat down now to tell you about it!

Let's see. First, I finished my blocks for Sarah of Sew What Sherlock. You *may* remember we started a bee a loooong time ago. But life got in the way for several of our members and so things fell by the wayside for a bit. But we're gathering momentum once again that will hopefully see us through to the end!

sew what sherlock paper pieced arrows close

Sarah's quilt is going to have a bunch of paper pieced arrows (the pattern is her own design and available for purchase) with low volume background blocks with a variety of shapes and patterns.

low volume quilt background

The whole this is very scrappy. It's going to be so lovely when it's all put together! Above are my background contributions.

sew what sherlock paper pieced arrows full

 A shot of the arrows in their entirety. Please excuse the feet ;)

low volume pinwheel block

And a sort of close up of my favorite block. I just love pinwheels.

I've been working on other stuff, too. Photos to come soooon! :D It feels so good to have 2 working arms again, I can't tell you...


  1. Seriously, I'm feeling all sorts of pressure over here to make pretty background blocks that will be as snazzy as their compatriots! It's all lovely work, and I'm glad you're feeling better!


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