Monday, November 19, 2012

I Finished! :)

I thought I would get this done sooner, but all of the Thanksgiving prep on top of work and homework has really slowed me down. Sewing became a sort of productive procrastination. I seriously need to graduate. I have never procrastinated this severely in my life! Soon. Soon the homework will end. In the mean time I now have something pretty to stare at in my living room while I'm putting it off ;)

Completed Frippery Table Runner

There it is! I just quilted straight lines all the way down the runner. Well, mostly straight. I didn't want them to be too rigid, so I didn't draw any guiding lines or anything. I just guessed where every inch or so would be and went with it :) I like how it turned out. Is it perfect? Not at all. But it IS finished! And now it is brightening up my coffee table. I love it.

table runner on coffee table

This is the first time I have ever bound anything! Of course I decided to go the machine route... Hand stitching the binding probably would have ended up looking more even, but I really wanted to learn how to machine bind things for the future, so oh well. It is really not perfect. It's crooked and the stitching if often weird and wavy, but it stays on!  I am so proud! And now I know that binding with my machine is possible, if not exactly easy. Next time I'll be more careful. This time I was too excited for caution :D

I also managed to cut up all the little squares for the holiday throw from the last post. I can't wait to start putting it together! Over the long weekend my sewing machine will definitely be getting a workout. Last but not least, I started a little um, thing? To put in the middle of the dining room table. What do you call those? I don't know. But it is made from the peacock fabric from the table runner along with bright Kona cottons (that I can't remember the names of).

table topper

It's going to be so pretty on my table! 

I am super behind on reading blogs. The long weekend will definitely be full of catching up! :)

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  1. Your table runner turned out very nice! At least you had something bright and happy to look at while your were feeling sick. Hope you are feeling much better now. Looking forward to seeing the table topper you are working on now for your dining table. May finishing up the grad work go well and you get some sewing time in there, too ... :) Pat


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