Friday, April 26, 2013

Kindle Case!

As promised, here is what I managed to get finished this week:

quilted kindle case

This isn't the best picture, I know. But I made it for my sister and had about a minute to snap a photo the night she came over for dinner and things. Ah, well. You get the idea, right? It's a little quilted case for her Kindle so it doesn't get so banged up in her purse. I bought these adorable buttons from Pick Your Plum and decided to design the whole case around that. Well, plus some green. I thought it would be nice for the button to be sitting in a little puddle of a different color for contrast :)

I did a flap instead of a zipper so the button would have a real purpose. Although now I'm thinking maybe I should have done both... I have this feeling my sister will just not bother actually closing the flap properly and the Kindle will fall out into her purse, anyway. Oh well. I tried, right? I didn't get a good picture of the inside, but it's just lined with the same pink fabric as the top stripe. I free motion quilted it with some little loops, which I love. I really need to make myself one of these! Or two, really, since I now have a work iPad. Weird. I usually don't like Apple products much. I mean, why should I pay hundreds of dollars more for a device that was made in the same terrible Chinese factories where every other similar device was made that pay their workers next to nothing and force them to work in awful conditions? Not worth it in my opinion. But work is work and I must learn to use it!

I also have a progress shot for you!

pinwheel blocks

Three happy little pinwheels. I love the way they're turning out so far :) I am going to do a few more colorful ones to see how they'll all look. Then my whole pile of low volume charms will be turned into pinwheels. YAY! :D

Okay. Must get ready for work and all that now. Hope you have a wonderful Friday and a fabulous weekend!

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  1. Very cute! Your sister will love this!! The elephants are the perfect touch!

  2. I knew I'd love those pinwheels! They're just so happy! :)

  3. Adorable fabrics you've used. Your sister is so lucky.

  4. Very pretty kindle case. I am sure it will be a much appreciated gift. Cute pinwheels ... :) Pat


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