Saturday, April 20, 2013


Wow, what a crazy week! It was my first week at my new job and it was busy. Training and tours and paperwork and soooo many introductions and a bazillion other things. It was a long week. And yet, somehow, I managed to get a few little things done!

First, I made these cute new pot holders for myself. I decided to use the March Sister's Ten blocks so I would be catching up on that and making something useful. I really love how they turned out.

quilted pot holders

I used the same binding technique as my scrappy trip quilt, but I think I did much better on the quilt! I don't know why this was so much harder for me. Maybe because these were thicker than the quilt. Oh well. I still love them :) I added a pocket on the back, too. I have discovered I like that style of pot holder.

I also made this cute little zipper pouch wristlet for work! After the first two days I decided I really needed something little to carry around my phone, a pen, maybe a couple sticks of gum, and my keys while I am away from my desk. Girl pants are just not conducive to holding so much in my pockets. So I made this:


wristlet- inside

That second picture ended up really bright, huh? Oops! But it is just the right size to carry around all the little things I need from meeting to meeting without filling up my tiny pockets. It was also a very satisfying finish because it only took about an hour start to finish! I will definitely be making more of these types of things. Maybe next time I'll use an actual tutorial, though ;) I would like pointier corners.

And finally, I caught up on my bee blocks with this guy.

hst block- newbee quilters

I just love how it turned out! So bright and happy :) I am also super proud of how pointy all my points are and how well they line up! I think this is my best bee block yet! I am definitely getting better. I will be getting this guy in the mail sometime this week.

I am still adjusting to my new schedule. Definitely not used to working full time anymore. But it has been good getting out of the house every day. And now I know I can still make time for sewing, even if it is just little things this week :) I hope to catch up on my skill builder blocks this weekend. Well, at least the March blocks. The April ones are hexies and another one that requires templates and things. I totally forgot to buy mine, so they are definitely going to be late. Oh well.

Hope you're having a fantastic weekend! I am going to go take a cake out of the oven- YUM.


  1. I totally need one of those wristlet pouches for work! I'll have to get the hardware for one of those. :) Yay! Thanks for the idea.

    And yay for your first week of work! I hope your job is absolutely lovely!

  2. Everything you've made is so cute, I may die. Especially the spatula fabric!!

  3. Wow I love everything too - I can't decide which I like more, the adorable wristlet or the awesome bee block! With these cool pictures of progress no one would ever guess you just started a full time job. You aren't afraid to put things on you blog that have things you would change if you could, like the corners of the pouch that you mentioned, but that makes this blog all the more wonderful to read, because you are fun and genuine. I always look forward to your new blog posts!

  4. This is such a cute pouch and those pot holders are far too nice to use :)


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