Thursday, March 6, 2014

Best Mail Week!

This has been a fabulous week for happy mail.

First, I got my swap spoils! I signed up for a Skinny Pinny swap on Flickr last month. It has been really fun looking through all the finished swap presents! Everyone has such different taste, so there is a lot of variety in there.

Anyway, on to the good stuff, here is what I got!

skinny pinny swap rainbow geese

Isn't it awesome?? Not pictured... is a bag of Skittles. It was too delicious to save for picture time. I love my new pincushion. It's got a nice heft to it and look how pretty! Erica really got me dead on. I love a good rainbow! And the extra little fabric pieces! SO thoughtful. Thank you, Erica!

For my partner (who was not Erica), I had a little trouble. I couldn't find any Flickr accounts or blogs to stalk, so I had only the short description in the original swap email to go on, which was a love of vintage fabrics and brights. I don't have really anything that can be construed as vintage, so I went with bright. And cute animals. Because everyone likes cute animals, right??

skinny pin cushion les amis

I didn't get a picture of the extra stuff I sent along, which included a mini charm pack and a note :) I'm always a little wary of sending food, probably because I live in Tucson and I have a fear of everything melting (which is silly! Even if the Skittles melted, they still would have been in the package and delicious!). But hopefully she likes it!

So on to my other mail...

fabric stack

I *may* have gone a little crazy during an awesome sale at Maybe. This may be ahem 13 yards of fabric. But! In my defense! The most I paid was $4.50/yard! How could I not go crazy??

Seriously, though, this was an awesome mail week!


  1. I love textured basics!! I have a whole heap (like coughmaybecough 3+ yards each) of the rainbow ones when Fat Quarter Shop had them 50% off. I wish I bought more of the plain one though because I've cut up a bunch of it for awesome backgrounds, and I just want more of it for more backgrounds!

    I need to check out more often. I always tend to forget it exists when I'm looking for fabric.

  2. Bright and happy mail this week. is a fun place to stock your mailbox.

    I do not know anyone that does not like cute animals. I am sure your swap partner will think your skinny pinny is adorable ... :)

  3. Man, what an awesome haul! I know you'll put all that fabric to good use.

  4. Exciting! That looks like a delicious stack of fabric, yum! And cute pincushions! :)

  5. 13 yards of fabric @ $4.50 a yard doesn't sound crazy to me. It's $23 a yard here :( I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with it all :)


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