Thursday, March 13, 2014

Making Clothes

Lately I have been on a real clothes making kick. I need new clothes but I have so much fabric lying around that I feel slightly guilty going out and spending money on them. I also really want to improve my garment making skills, so I have been trying my best to sew more clothes for myself.

First up is a simple infinity scarf (which is actually for my sister). I'm sorry there are no pictures of them on me! I was supposed to rope Mario into a photo shoot last weekend, but we got too busy.

knit infinity scarf

She picked out the fabric, which is a medium weight pretty floral knit. It's nice and soft and not too hot. I doubt she can use it outside in these parts by this time of year, but here in the desert we have a tendency to over compensate for the hot temps outside by cranking up the AC way too much. So she'll still get some use out of it this year, I think!

Next up: a shirt.

melly sews boat neck knit shirt

For this one I used the Boat Neck pattern by Melly Sews. I downloaded it what it was still free, so not sure what the pattern looks like now. It was really easy to throw together and it's really comfy. I used another soft stretchy knit that I found at the local SAS. It wasn't too bad to sew with, but it was definitely curlier than the scarf fabric.

And last: a tank top.

striped tank top

This one I didn't use a pattern. Just traced the outline of a tank I already had with a similar amount of stretch. You can see the arm holes are rather inexpertly finished. I had bias bound one of them, but I messed up a bit and it looked awkward... then in ripping out the stitches for that, I ripped the binding in an irreparable way. Then I didn't have enough fabric left to make a new strip, so I just folded the edges under and zig zagged and called it a day. For a first tank top, it's not too bad, though! I wish the stripe was more centered in the collar, but I wasn't willing to attack it with a seam ripper after what happened to the arm hole. So I called it good.

I recently bought the Perfect Pattern Parcel, so I'm definitely planning on making more clothes! Have you heard of this? It's a package with 5 awesome sewing patterns and you get to name your price for it! You can even decide how the money is split between the designers, the creators of Perfect Pattern Parcel, and charity. Pretty fantastic idea, don't you think? This is a limited time deal, though, just 9 days left!

Do you have any clothing patterns that are simple and comfy and good for everyday? That's what I'm going for to start and would love any ideas! Thanks :)


  1. I seem to be on the same kick as you :). I've bought at least a dozen clothing patterns (including the Perfect Pattern Parcel). Now I'm just waiting on a HUGE fabric order from Girl Charlee then I can get started. Love seeing what you've been making!!

  2. I think you're doing a great job with your clothes making. I pinned a dress the other day (which I thought my daughter might like) which could be everyday or more formal depending on the fabric -


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