Friday, February 1, 2013

Award Week, Part One

Good morning and happy Friday to all!

Well, I had quite an unproductive week sewing-wise. The early part of the week was consumed by interviews and interview prep. But the interview on Tuesday went really well and I already got called back for a second! So that was good news. I really can't complain about that eating into my craft time. If I don't get a job soon, I will just run out of supplies and then there will be NO craft time. And that would be tragic, wouldn't it? So cross your fingers and toes and legs and arms and braid your hair for good measure :)

Then the rest of the week I was sick. I don't know about you, but when I'm sick I can't bring myself to do much of anything. I loafed around on the couch and watched Torchwood (because my Doctor Who withdrawals are getting pretty severe and, let's face it, Captain Jack is adorable), I played the Sims (any other simmers out there??), I read Harry Potter (it's in Spanish, though, so really it's a learning tool and not completely self indulgent...). I did manage to get a little crafty work done- I finished pressing and squaring up all my blocks for my hounds tooth quilt. It really shouldn't have taken a week to square up the blocks. But I would only do a few at a time and then sit down or take a nap or any of those other sick day activities. Oh well. I feel better now and at least now I have all the pieces ready to go into my lovely hounds tooth top!

So. I have nothing very exciting to show you, for which I apologize. But! Today I finally checked my e-mail to find that I have been nominated for two little blogging awards :D Yeah! So me feeling all down in the dumps about not getting much done this week was pretty much completely erased by the kindness of my fellow quilters and crafters :)

The first award is the Versatile Blogger award, for which I was nominated by the lovely and talented Pat over at Life in the Scrap Patch.

The Versatile Blogger Award
Pat was my first ever follower and always offers me encouragement and great advice :) It has made a world of difference to have someone making suggestions and giving me tips and just cheering me on as I explore the world of sewing and quilting. Over on her blog, which I have no idea how or when I found but I feel I was attracted to it because of the cute and clever name, there are regular quilty posts and tutorials and wonderful inspiration. I have enjoyed reading her blog and reading all of her lovely comments on mine. And for that I say to Pat: THANK YOU :) Keep being wonderful!

Now. On to my responsibilities for this award (that I haven't already covered):

Nominate up to 15 blogs for this award
Share 7 things about yourself

Let's do some sharing first, shall we? Here are seven random things about me.

1. I don't like hot weather, even though I live in southern Arizona. I was moved here by my mother when I was 10 from western Washington and have longed for the Pacific Northwest ever since. My goal is to move back north someday, preferably before I have kids.

2. I love crazy socks. Like, a lot. The only "plain" socks I have are black dress socks that I only wear when I absolutely have to. To avoid this, I tend to wear boots to work so they hide my bright, silly socks and still look professional. 

3. If I lived by myself I would rarely ever cook a "real" meal. I am perfectly happy grazing on fruit and veg from the fridge, eating a sandwich here and there, and having cheese, crackers, and summer sausage for dinner. My boyfriend hates eating this way (because he's weird), so we eat a lot more "real" meals than grazing meals...

4. I drink a lot of coffee. I have a huge mug (not really sure how huge- at least 16 ounces, maybe more) that I use every morning. Some days I drink two of these. My love of coffee runs in the family. My mom and aunt are also both coffee-obsessed and when we get together for family gathering there is always a pot of coffee brewing. And a bottle of whiskey around to mix in ;)

5. I'm a huge nerd. Well, you probably already knew that. But I grew up playing video games with the boys, reading sci-fi novels, and generally enjoying a lot of nerdy things. Like playing epic board games. And playing Pokemon. Yes, I am 24 and still buy every new Pokemon game that comes out (well, the "core" games. I don't buy all the spin offs- I barely have time for the core games).

6. I have always had more guy friends than girl friends. I don't know why, exactly, I just always seemed to have more in common with the guys. I am trying to achieve more balance in this area.

7. I love reading. I have a Bachelor's degree in English and my favorite part of earning that degree was hands down all the books I got to read that I probably wouldn't have found if they weren't required for class. I really miss being an English major some days. It's so much harder to find good books to read on my own... And it is a little sad not always having someone to discuss them with!

Whew! Okay. We made it! I know, this is getting pretty long! So how about we break it up with a cute picture?

Sleepy puppies worn out from a bout of destruction, no doubt ;)
Finally, here is my list of nominees:

Deborah at Simply Miss Luella
Couch at Life of Couch
Audrey at Hot Pink Quilts
Adrianne at On the Windy Side
Heidi at Fabric Mutt

My motivation for these nominations? These are some of my favorite smaller and not so small blogs and I think they are all wonderful, talented ladies. SO TAG YOU'RE IT. Let's hear some random facts about you Versatile Bloggers, huh? ;) 

I will save the second award for another post- this has gotten long enough!


  1. Anna, I feel like you and I would be best friends in real life.

    Did you get Black/White 2? My brother did, I haven't though. ALSO Are you going to get X/Y? I don't have a 3DS, and I'd rather spend my money on fabric than videogames.

    Does that mean I've grown up? haha

  2. Thanks so much for nominating me, Anna! I've enjoyed finding out some more about you. I have a Bachelor's degree in English too. I have to confess I'm rubbish at this awards thing. I'm ashamed to say I've been offered four (liebsters) over the last year and a half and I've never managed to get a post together :( This time I WILL get it done :)

  3. You are welcome, Anna. I really enjoy reading your blog. I also have a Bachelor's in English ... ;) Pat


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