Monday, February 18, 2013

Such a Productive Weekend!

I got SO MUCH DONE this weekend, sewing-wise. Everything else wise... Well, no. There are still dishes to do and a floor to mop and two giant boxes of stuff from my old room in my mom's house to find a home for... but at least I got a lot of sewing done, right??

I'm not going to show you everything. Yet. Because there's a lot. But here is what I was probably most excited about finishing:

finished shift boot cover

Yes!! I finished the quilted shifter boot cover! :D My first attempt wasn't exactly pretty... For the second attempt, I ditched the idea of a snap on the top to hold it around the shifter and instead added drawstrings, inspired by the drawstring bags I can't seem to stop making. I added a drawstring at the bottom, too, so instead of having to sew the cover onto a plastic ring and then fit the ring over the shifter, I can just put the cover directly on and tighten it as much as I need to. This will also make it easier to wash. And to remove once Mario actually pits a shift KNOB on it ;) It also now has little plastic clips that keep the top and bottom cinched up (I don't know what they're called...), but we were too excited to put them on before picture time. And now the car is with Mario at work, so you'll have to use your imagination!
I have gone drawstring crazy... Since my last post, I have made 2 more drawstring bags and am already planning a third.

in color order drawstring bag 2
Bag for my Dad's birthday
in color order drawstring bag 3
Bag for my friend the Chef
They are just so cute and easy to make! I can now make them in an hour, plus the time it take to braid some yarn since I wasn't smart enough to buy a variety of ribbons while I was at Joann. This last one is going off to my out of state friend and is already chock full of mostly crocheted goodies. It's so nice to have something to hold it all in! I hope he likes it.

Those are the non-quilt things I did this weekend. I also finished several blocks and did my first "real" FMQ! But that will come in a later post so I don't totally bore you.

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  1. Sew productive! The drawstring bags make cute gift bags. The shift boot cover is truly one of a kind ... and also a very useful gift. Looking forward to seeing your blocks and your FMQ ... have a happy quilty day ... :) Pat

  2. You had a very productive weekend. Your bags are so pretty and great for giftgiving.
    By the way I love the name of your blog, so fun!


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