Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A New WiP

Yes. I started something new. A quilt for my sister's birthday! It's the Kitchen Window pattern from Elizabeth Hartman's The Practical Guide to Patchwork. I am using Pat Sloniger's Les Amis line in the warm colorway with some coordinating solids for the frame and background. I just love all the little animals! You can see the foxes on top in the photo.

kitchen window pieces all cut out

I seem to only take pictures on dreary days. And considering I live in southern AZ, this takes talent. We have a "blizzard warning" in Tucson today! This mostly applies to the mountains, but the novelty of having a blizzard warning in the desert is kind of fun. I wonder if it will snow at all? We'll see!

Linking up to WiP Wednesday with Lee at Freshly Pieced! Don't worry, though. I will have all the little things I've finished to show you on Friday :)


  1. YAY. I love that book by Hartman! It was seriously the first quilt book that sang to me! (It did. People tell me that's crazy stuff, but I opened it, and the quilts sang songs to me, and no, it wasn't creepy.)

    And I love those foxes. I have been seeing some fox fabric around lately, and I never really thought about foxes before, but now they seem super cute and spectacular.

    Good luck with your blizzard. We're expecting freezing rain and 1-3 inches of snow tomorrow. Sadly, the weather will probably deliver, and I'll cry when I see that evil white stuff on the ground.

  2. Over in Denver we were supposed to get 6-8 inches yesterday, but at my house we barely saw 3!

  3. Your sisters quilt is going to be lovely. I love snow but then I've never been a blizzard :)


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