Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Well, progress has ground to a halt. I thought I would spend my day off sewing ALL THE THINGS and then being regarded as a hero. Sadly, my sewing machine had other plans...

At first when it made noises and stopped sewing, I thought it just needed to be rethreaded. The threads were all tangled and weird on the bottom of the fabric, which has happened before and been solved by rethreading. And it did, I guess. That solved the issue for a little while... But then it came back. So I opened it up and brushed out as much lint as I could. And rethreaded it again for good measure. And it worked for a little while longer. The third time I threw my hands in the air and walked away.

I was so upset and frustrated and discouraged, I just stayed out of my sewing room the rest of the day and worked on knitting, TV watching, and play Skyward Sword the rest of the day. My sweater is coming along nicely:

raglan knit sweater progress

It even looks like a sweater!

But I still have deadlines looming. And now I wasted my best sewing day.

BUT HAVE NO FEARS. Tonight I plan to break out the back up machine if I can't get mine running properly. PROGRESS SHALL BE MADE.

If my machine is still throwing fits, I'll take pictures and maybe you lovely people can help me figure it out... I suspect it really does need a good cleaning by a professional. But I have no idea how much that might cost and really, I have no money. Especially if I end up taking that Spanish class this semester, which I really, really want to do. I get an amazing discount on tuition thanks to my job, but between fees and books, I will still be cutting it close on the budget front. So yes. We shall see. But any advice would be appreciated!


  1. OH man, my machine was acting up a few months ago. I took it apart and cleaned it, and found that I had thread get wound up around a gear inside the machine. It took a good while to unwind it, but that seemed to do the trick. I don't know if you have hidden threads clogging the works, but just make sure that you don't have any hidden snags.

    And Skyward Sword = awesome. I haven't played my file in ages... sad. What's your character's name?

  2. As always, your soon-to-be-sweater is amazingly awesome. And purple!! I'm stumped too with the noise; mine seemed to be making some yesterday too. And when it's that, it's not like it needs a new needle, or re-threading, or something. :/ I do hope your sewing machine behaved for some making, or at least I hope your back up could be used until this one's troubles are figured out. Even though there are some things I wish could look prettier, I have a new trial-run (for me) pencil roll/crotchet hook roll done I should show off on the blog :)


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