Saturday, July 20, 2013

Swooning Saturday

Well, not really. I fully intended to post this yesterday. "Yes," I thought, "I will go home and make dinner and after that I'll write up my little blog post about my next Swoon block." Except after dinner I saw these sad, speckled bananas just crying out to be turned into muffins... So what could I do? I answered their call. And then because I was out of delicious nut butters to slather on my freshly made muffins, I made some chocolate almond butter, too.

By the time all that was done, all thoughts of blog posts were pushed from my mind and I drifted happily off to sleep with a belly full of homemade delights.

Anyway, though. On to the sewing!

I did finish up Swoon block 3:

elephant swoon block 3

Green and pink! I think this might be my favorite yet! I'm getting a bit faster at putting them together, too. I must be getting used to the pattern or something :)

I also gave in to the urge to make clothes. First, I made some silly PJ shorts out of some flannel I got for stupid cheap at Joann. I had never made pants or shorts before, so I decided my first try should be simple and cheap. They turned out pretty well, though it is way too hot for flannel anything right now.

flannel pajamas

But they fit and everything! I was pretty proud of myself. They took less than an hour to whip up- I will definitely be making more. Probably out of lighter fabric.

I also made a pretty skirt!

cotton voile skirt

This one is made from a nice light cotton voile I got on sale from a couple of months back. It wasn't bad at all working with voile and it makes such a nice finished product! I definitely want to make more clothes with it.

So that's what I've been working on. I plan to get the backing put together for the wedding quilt this weekend and get my bee block for the month knocked out. I am really lazy about bee blocks, I've found. But the obligation to the other people means I do get them done before the end of the month, so that's something I guess.

What have you been working on? Have a great weekend!


  1. Hmmm, hungry now.. Thank goodness the Spahetti Bolognese on my stove is nearly finished.

    I've just finished a sundress and am working on several quilts. Love the tiny elephants on your swoon and both the shorts and skirt look lovely. Wishing you a great weekend as well.

  2. Just bought some voile for the first time! Have you ever considered quilting with it?


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