Saturday, July 13, 2013

It's a Quilt Top!

It has been a long, silent week. I know.

But I do have an excuse. I finished my quilt top and I really wanted to share it with you... but it has been monsooning all week. For those that aren't familiar with summer weather in Southern AZ, that means it rains every day. And not just rain, but big lightning storms that dump buckets of water on us and cause fun things like microbursts that routinely take out power lines and you know, trees. Usually these storms happen in the late afternoon and sometimes the heavy clouds stick around all night and into the mornings, which has been the case this week.

I love monsoons. Really, I do. There is nothing so nice as the smell of the desert after a good rain. But it means my only picture time during the week is when I'm at work! Super frustrating.

But luckily today I had the boyfriend at home with me in the morning and (gasp!) the skies were clear! So he helped me snap a couple of (very quick) shots before I had to go to work.

stitch and flip quilt top

I'm short. It's hard to hold up a quilt top that measure about 66"x78"!

scrappy stitch and flip quilt top

I am so pleased with how it turned out! I just used some awesome coupons at Joann to buy some Kona cotton solids to put together into a backing and I got some batting on sale, too. Yay sales and coupons! I think I'm going to FMQ it with an all over meander. I don't think echo quilting would work well with the wonkiness and I don't want to do straight lines... I definitely should have picked up more thread while I was getting the backing and batting. Oops!

Quilt top info: Assorted wonky scraps on a background of Kona Ash. I used the directions to make these blocks from Quilting Modern by Jacquie Gering and Katie Pedersen- an excellent book! Each block finishes at 6". They're super quick and fun to make! I highly recommend giving this sort of improv/wonky piecing a try. There are tons of layout possibilities!

daiwabo elephant swoon 2 blue and grey

I also finished my next swoon block! Still blue elephants because I cut them all at once, but the next two blocks will be with different colored elephants, promise! I can't wait to get this done :) I bought the rest of the white for the background during that same shopping trip, so I should be all set for the top! I hope to get my next Swoon block done next week and hopefully won't have to wait til next Saturday to show you :P

In other news... I am not up to 40 followers on Bloglovin'! You guys are great :D I am thinking about having a little giveaway once I can figure out what to give away. Stay tuned!!

And because I am a terrible, bad blogger, here is the lineup for the Let's Get Acquainted blog hop from this past week and next week (just it case it gets cloudy and I'm unmotivated to post without pretty pictures again!):

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  1. Ooo, love how it turned out. Such fun pops of color:)

  2. It looks fantastic! My eye is drawn to the bottom right, it looks like everything is radiating out from that corner. It's very cool. And I love it when boyfriends will help pose with quilts! I know Flash has had to hold his fair share of quilts :) Especially now that I'm behind the camera, haha.

    Loving the second swoon! Grey and blue are great combinations. I'm almost finished with my first block. SO MUCH CUTTING.

  3. Very nice stitch & flip! I'm thinking Kona ash is my new go-to solid, it looks fantastic here with the bright scraps you've chosen. I love how stitch and flip eats those little weird triangle scraps. I always generate more of those than everyone else seems to.

  4. Wow love the quilt top, the colors really pop against the grey and I really like the radiating effect. And I love the blue elephants again :) I can't wait to see more blocks from you, and I hope I can join along soon; I want to start cutting but now I don't know if I'll purchase some Posy bunny fabric along with the white solid to use instead of my initial pull. Such fun decisions though when it comes to quilting, I to say

  5. Oooh, I dig that quilt! The kona ash really looks great with all those colors!

  6. Oh the quilt top looks fab! So many pops of colour :-)

  7. i just made my first Swoon block too - they are really very pretty and huge. Love your elephants!

  8. This quilt top is fantastic! I love those pops of colour against the grey :)

  9. I am planning a quilt as a wedding you happen to know where I can find the pattern for the swoon block you show above? I think that would be perfect for the center of the quilt!


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