Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A Major Oversight!

Guys. I'm terrible. I wrote up this lovely post about this swap I did with Kitty and Allison aaaages ago and then it languished in my drafts folder, forgotten. Not because the gifts or the friends were forgotten! No way! I have already put their things to such good use! But maybe I was just so excited to use them writing about them here slipped my mind? Maybe? That's my story :P

ANYWAY. Here are the AMAZING things made by Kitty and Allison!

First up, from Kitty:

magical mug rug

A PERFECT little mug rug to pretty up my cubicle at work and some lovely fabric :) Isn't that star fantastic? And the quilting! The quilting is so perfect! :D It really makes me happy to have it around with me in my otherwise drab little cubicle!

Next up, from Allison:

fabric crochet hook case- outside

Allison made me a pretty fabric roll up case for my crochet hooks and knitting needles! Look how greeeen it is! I love it so much! And look at all the wonderful fabric she sent along with it!! ALLISON IS AWESOME. End of story.

Shot of the inside:

fabric crochet hook case- inside

EEEE! It's so perfect! I did have one little case I crocheted for myself a while back... but with the addition of knitting, I just didn't have enough space for all my stuff!

I can't believe I never posted this! Seriously, Allison and Kitty are so amazing! I am so glad I decided to start this little blog, if only it meant I got to "meet" these two awesome girls. I love you guys! Thank you sooo much!!

If you're wondering what I made for them, you can go here and here to check it out! I totally forgot to take photos before I put things in the mail... OOPS.

Hey, if you're into architecture at all, Kitty has been writing these amazing posts while she travels around Europe for a study abroad program. There are seriously fantastic photos of the most amazing buildings. And she tells you all about them and why they're cool! You should definitely go check it out!

I do have more things to show you this week! Just have to get my ass in gear! See you soon :)


  1. O.M.G. I just realized, I participated in my first swap EVER, and I forgot to post pictures. I did, thankfully, remember to write my partner a lovely email, but a blog post? Shame on me. My partner deserves better. Hopefully I'll get that up soon!

    And now that I've had my freakout, you totally scored in your swap! What lovelies! :) I want that crochet/knitting roll....

  2. Thanks for the shout out, Anna! I'm glad you like the mug rug :) My favorite part was the bubbles on the white fabric, haha! I used the same stuff in a camera case I made, it may be my new favorite white fabric.

    I'm glad it brightens up your cubicle! I will have to quilt you more happy bright things.


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