Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Help me Make a Decision!

This is a yarn-related post. I know. Weird, right? But in addition to sewing all the things, I also knit and crochet all the things.

But you see, I have a problem. I went through a bit of a blanket-starting frenzy at the beginning of the year and now I have a conundrum. Which blanket do I choose to finish before the end of the year?

Here are my options:

granny squares in grey and yellow
This isn't all of the squares
Option 1: Gray and yellow granny square blanket. I used the pattern for the blocks from here but obviously went with a different color scheme. I really like these blocks! They finish up at about 7" square, so they're nice a big for a granny blanket. It isn't the best yarn I'm using- Red Heart Super Saver a friend bought me in these colors for my birthday. But still, it would be a nice little throw.

rainbow ripple

Option 2: Rainbow ripple. This is made with Bernat Mosaic yarn- the one that looks like a rainbow (don't remember what they called the colorway). I'm using Attic24's ripple pattern, which is super simple to memorize and makes this a nice, mindless project. I kind of love how one side is more yellow/orange and the other is purple/blue. I hope it continues this way throughout!

spring granny stripes

Option 3: what I think of as the Spring blanket. I am using another of Attic24's patterns here for granny stripes, just making the colors go for 6 rows instead of just two. This one is pretty big- this is folded in half. I'm using 4 colors of Caron Simply Soft for this one (can you tell I was way too broke to by anything but acrylic yarn at the time?). This is another good, mindless project. I only have to think at the beginnings and ends of the rows.

Do you see the paw up there? My smaller dog is always curious about what I'm doing and is notorious for crawling into my lap when I'm knitting or crocheting something and laying on top of my foot while I'm trying to sew... Adorable but slightly annoying sometimes :P At least by this point I had gotten her to lay down to the side of where I was taking pictures... (see below!)

So which would you choose to finish first? I plan on finishing all three eventually, but I'd like to have one done for sure before the year is out. But I love them all and can't make a decision! So help? :)

Bonus: shot of my little helper, Lizzie.

helper dog is helping

Oh well, at least she didn't try to steal any of my squares!

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  1. Tough call, but I'd choose rainbow. They are all very pretty!

  2. Yup, I like the rainbow ripple, just because I want to see how it ends!

  3. I like grey and yellow granny squares love those colours. I love the rainbow too.

  4. Yellow and gray!! It's so pretty c:

    By the way, ever since our Joann's trip I've been obsessed with starting to knit socks! I think I might pick up the supplies this weekend...ooh! I just got an idea. I'll email you!

  5. Defn rainbow blanket but grey and yellow squares a close 2 nd

  6. I love the Rainbow Ripple. They're all very lovely.

  7. I vote Rainbow! But I do agree, that gray and yellow is fierce. :)

  8. Grey and yellow if the prospect of seaming the blocks together doesn't derail you... Otherwise, rainbow. Save the purple and green for spring :-)

  9. Option 2! It's beautiful and colorful, just like you :) And it's my favorite. I love the fade effect its got going on.


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