Friday, September 27, 2013

Owl Pajamas!!

I did it! I sewed myself up some PJs with that awesome owl flannel. I didn't have anyone around to take pictures of them actually on me, so these will have to do.

owl flannel pajama pants

owl flannel pajama pants

I love how silly they are! There was a slight problem... I didn't have quite enough fabric to make them long enough to add a hem. So I improvised and added cuffs at the bottom. I don't think it looks too bad!

But there may be another problem... I didn't prewash the flannel and now I'm worried they'll shrink to be way too short! I know flannel can shrink a lot so I may have to take off the cuffs and add new ones in a different fabric. But maybe that won't be such a bad thing? It'll add interest, right? And if I get a good color, it will  totally look like an intentional design feature. Totally. Maybe if that happens I'll take the elastic out and add a waistband in the same fabric I pick for the cuffs. Then it will look really planned!

I'll wash them and see what happens... But no matter what, I will make them work! This owl fabric is just too awesome to let go to waste!

Did you do any selfish sewing this week?

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  1. So cute! I adore flannel pants. And, if need be, a new cuff in one of the colors from the owl fabric would add a great accent.

  2. These are really fun! I think you could totally add a solid cuff at the bottom. Good luck!

  3. Those owl pjs are awesome! I hope they don't shrink but if they do and you add more flannel, remember to pre-wash it so that doesn't shrink afterwards :)


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