Friday, May 9, 2014

Dumplings for Everyone!

Okay, I do kind of wish this was about food. Do you like gyoza? I LOVE gyoza. But this has nothing to do with tasty little pockets of MAGIC.

I stumbled across this pattern and had to make one.

patchwork dumpling bag michelle patterns

And me being me (who doesn't understand the concept of "trial run") decided to go for broke right out of the gate and make it in PATCHWORK. Because pretty. :) Also because it's for my mom. And she deserves pretty, special things for mother's day.

But then, of course, I couldn't stop. And soon I had two more. One for mom, one for aunt, one for grandma. Yes, I know, the other two aren't patchwork. But making that little patchwork panel took a lot of time and it's Friday night and I work tomorrow so I can't spend all day sewing like I'd like to. So, quick was the name of the game!

dumpling bag linings

Look how cute! All in a row! I love these little bags! And now I shall fill them with candies and soaps and nice things all in time for Mother's Day.

Did you do any Mother's Day crafting?

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  1. looks great. Think I will be making some for my sisters and myself for our trip away. Looks like a very polished finish. thanks for linking the pattern in.

  2. Oh these definitely look like darling little dumplings... the power of suggestion and the mention of gyoza!

  3. Those are so cute! The patchwork one does look really pretty!

  4. visiting from crazy mum quilts. I am such a dumpling fan. they are cute, easy and look stunning. I understand why you made more than one!

  5. oh, i want gyoza. why would you do that? just kidding. they are SOOOO cute!

  6. They are nice! My Mother's Day gift to myself will be a bit of sewing, church then work. Well, work is not a gift to myself. Being an independently wealthy lady of leisure would be a great gift to myself :)

  7. Those are so cute! I might have to whip a few up. I could definitely go for a few dumplings :)


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