Monday, May 26, 2014

Making Clutches

Hello all! How was your long weekend? Mine was filled with family and friends and food. But I also managed to get some sewing time in. I have been wanting a little clutch to take out with me so I don't have to lug my whole purse around, but still have all the essentials. I couldn't find one I liked, so I decided to design one.

This was my first attempt:

just the essentials version 1 bow exterior

It was okay. I like the bow, but it seemed like it could be a little wider.

just the essentials version 1 interior

And for the inside, I knew I wanted card slots so I wouldn't need a wallet and a pocket for my phone so it doesn't get all scratched up by my keys. It was sort of successful. Everything worked, but the opening was too narrow to easily get the cards in and out and things were just generally a little cramped. Which led me to version 2:

just the essentials clutch patchwork exterior

Ooh, those reds look crazy, don't they? They aren't that crazy, promise. But anyway! In this version, I kept the height but widened it two inches. Then I got rid of the bow and went for patchwork instead. And added a wrist strap. I also used the tutorial by Michelle Patterns for hand finishing the zipper corners so they wouldn't look all smashed in. Kind of a pain, but really worth the result I think!

just the essentials clutch interior

This was a much better size! It fits all my essential stuff: phone, keys, cards, maybe a hair tie and my little portable brush/mirror. The cards slide out nice and easy in this version, but don't come out while you're just walking around. It's perfect! Since it is for "just the essentials," that's what I shall call it. The Just the Essentials Clutch.

just the essentials clutch prototypes

Not bad for a few hours' work!

I might have to make a couple more of these. I'm thinking maybe one for work to replace my current pouch that has no interior pockets. Such a handy little clutch!

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  1. Now that's using your noggin! Great mods and very cute clutches! I love it when people tweak things to suit their purposes. (Or their purses. heehee)

  2. Both of them are so cute. I love the bow on the first clutch and the reds...well I love red. I, too, think that it's great that you didn't give up and you adjusted the pattern to fit your needs. That is the great thing about sewing for yourself. I'm visiting from Sewjo Saturday.

  3. Neat. I have that clutch with bow on my list for ages :-) I like your addition of slots!

  4. I love them both. I really like the bow but scrappy is nice too and it must be great to have a clutch that fits everything need perfectly :)

  5. Hi!

    I saw this the other day as part of an email I got, and I immediately thought of you and how much you love those little elephants!

    I hope this doesn't look too spammy because I really would like you to look at it! :)

    Enjoy :)



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