Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013- Let's Do This!

2013 already. 2012 went by in such a blur. Most of it was spent in school. I even took classes all summer just so I could finish by December! In hindsight, it was probably not the best idea to start my Master's degree 3 weeks after finishing my Bachelor's. But at least it's all behind me now, right?

But other than school, 2012 was a pretty good year. I started sewing again and even finished my first two quilts! I also crocheted quite a bit and started this little blog :) Another doggy joined my little family, which has been a bit of a trial with the potty training and the chewing of the furniture, but it is all worth it in the end because she is such a sweetheart.

One thing I have to share- the most awesome Christmas present! One of my best friends and, incidentally, my boyfriend's sister made this for me:

custom fabric

She designed and printed fabric for me using Spoonflower! AHHH! It's so cute! She drew my dogs on a purple background, combining my favorite things in one pretty fabric. She's the BEST. What am I going to do with it?? I'm thinking a cuddle quilt for the couch... But I need some coordinating fabrics first. And I have a few other things on the agenda before a get to it... So without further ado...

So what's in store for 2013? More quilts! I am going to use these pretty colors to make a hounds tooth quilt for my bed. The picture isn't the best, I know. The optimal time for photo-taking in this room isn't for another hour or so and I was impatient.

fabric for hounds tooth quilt
Moda Bella Solids- Aubergine and Natural

I absolutely can't wait for this quilt to be finished! I love hounds tooth and I love purple. You know what makes my boyfriend the BEST EVER? That he lets me put purple things on our bed and doesn't complain :D  He would probably let me girly up the whole bedroom without saying a word. But I won't do that to him. At least not now ;) This will be my first quilt of the year. Exciting! I might even try to quilt it myself. Maybe. And if I chicken out because it will be HUGE, I know of two local long arm quilters I could send it off to... We shall see.

Other exciting things! I am participating in a Bee, a Swap, and a BOM. Yes, I am just jumping right into the quilting community with both feet :)

The swap is the Low Volume Charm Swap organized by Lori H. Designs. I have never participated in a swap before, so it's a new and exciting thing for me. I have been admiring the low volume quilts around blog land from afar so this seemed like a perfect opportunity to get my hands on a wide variety of pretty low volume fabric to make a pretty low volume quilt. Would you like to see my fabrics?

stack of charms
Pretty little stacks of charms!

sorted and ready to go
All sorted and ready to be sent off
The next thing I signed up for is the Newbee Quilters bee over at Threadbias. I saw this group on Threadbias and knew I had to join. I wanted to participate in a bee, but being a new quilter, I was intimidated by the beautiful bee blocks I saw around blog land- would I be able to make blocks as well? What if I messed up and ruined the bee? Very scary prospect. This was a perfect answer. A bee just for newbies like myself! Much less pressure. Now I just have to decide on a block!

And the last thing I have jumped into:

Pile O' Fabric

The Skill Builder Block of the Month by Alyssa at Pile O Fabric! I just found Alyssa's blog after seeing the info for this BOM on another blog I subscribe to and I'm so glad I did! This is the perfect way for me to practice my quilting skills throughout the year in a low pressure environment. I am having a bit of trouble deciding on fabric, though. I think I would like to have a black background like Alyssa, but maybe with shades of green, teal, blue and purple? I must spend some more time looking through photos and palettes and everything before I buy any fabric... 

So, there you have it. Quilts in the works, a BOM, a Bee, and a Swap! Plus other little things here and there... like finishing some late Christmas presents and a house warming gift for a friend. But I will talk more about those some other time :)

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  1. You are so incredibly involved with the blogging community, it's really exciting to read about all the things you're getting into!

    I hope that I have time this year to get involved too. I'm honestly a little afraid that I'm not good enough or something, everyone is so intimidating. But they're also really nice, so I guess I worry for nothing.

    I joined a BOM too, Gen X's piqued my fancy. I'm excited to have that to work on!

  2. It looks like you have a good year of crafting ahead of you! :)

  3. You've got a great list for the upcoming year! Congratulations especially for finishing your degree - that is awesome. I'm impressed that you were able to do it and get so much quilting done. Can't wait to see what you do with that adorable fabric that was made just for you.


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