Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Making (Slow) Progress

Anyone else feel like time is accelerating this year? I swear Christmas was only a few days ago, right? It's okay that time has been going by fast, though. I've been keeping busy! I spent most of yesterday cleaning and de-cluttering my house, which felt really good. I didn't finish, though. My bedroom is the place that needs de-cluttering the most. My boyfriend and I both have a problem with holding onto clothes a lot longer than we really need to, so my room is bursting at the seams with old clothes we haven't worn in months. It's a real problem. One that I plan to tackle this weekend.

But between the cleaning and spending time with friends who now happily live in the same town as us, I have been working a bit on my hounds tooth quilt. And by working on it, I mean cutting out all the many, many strips of fabric. Cutting is not one of my favorite parts of quilting, to be honest. I am so clumsy... I often nick my fingers with the rotary blade. I have no idea how this happens. I never notice when I actually get cut. It's only later where there is a smear of blood on my finger that I realize something is amiss. But I have gotten better at cutting. I haven't messed up a single strip (knock on wood!!). My first attempt at cutting strips was pretty disastrous. I could not keep the ruler straight and kept getting crooked, wavy strips. So frustrating! But now that I'm not so hopeless as cutting consistent strips, I can even throw on Dr. Who in the background as I cut without worrying about distractions causing super wavy strips!

hounds tooth strips

more hounds tooth strips

Side note- does anyone else love Dr. Who? I only recently started watching it about 4 weeks ago on Netflix and have since fallen in love :) Once I catch up on the current incarnation of the show, I plan to start watching the classic episodes! 

I also got some very exciting packages in the past few days. My wonderful mother bought me a gift card to Fat Quarter Shop for Christmas and I bought this with part of it:

les amis
Les Amis by Patty Sloniger

Seriously LOVE this collection! Little animals make me happy. And I especially love owls, turtles, and foxes so this collection is PERFECT. I know I want to make myself a quilt with it. I'm thinking of using Elizabeth Hartman's Kitchen Window pattern from The Practical Guide to Patchwork. I bought this fabulous book in November but all the holiday madness kept me from trying anything out. This might just be the perfect project to start :)

I picked this up from the post office today:

grecian waters bundle
Grecian Waters bundle of Kona Cottons
Isn't it pretty? This is what I'm going to use for my Skill Builder BOM quilt! I sort of wanted to pick out all my fabrics individually... but it was taking SO MUCH time. I was having such trouble making any color decisions and I was just getting frustrated. So I picked out a bundle instead and called it good. I'm super excited for the first block lesson! :D 

I have also been working on some crocheting... but I really prefer to take pictures when there aren't a thousand strings of yarn hanging out. That's probably silly, but oh well! Pictures to come later :)

Linking up to WiP Wednesday over at Freshly Pieced! Maybe next week my hounds tooth quilt with actually have some pieces put together :) Hope you're having a great week!

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

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  1. Anna ... you are making a houndstooth ... sew nice! I shall enjoy watching your progress. I have not attempted this one yet. It is on my very long list of "quilts to make."

    I love your Kona FQ pack for your skill builder blocks. Beautiful color! I shall enjoy seeing these blocks coming together, too.

    If you are nicking your finger when cutting fabrics, you need to be very careful, girlfriend. You can really do some damage. I know from experience. I only cut the side of my finger once and it took a small deep slice off and it bled ... a lot. Take your time when cutting and make sure you have good lighting and never cut when you are tired or feeling rushed. Take your time and enjoy the fabric. ;)

    What size ruler are you using? If it is too narrow, that might be the problem. It may also be the reason why some of your strips are wavy. My favorite cutting ruler is a 6.6" by 24" ... this gives me plenty of room to get my fingers safely away from the cutting edge and it also is more stable for holding the fabric. I like Creative Grids rulers as they have gripper circles on the back to help. You can also buy a roll of "invisigrip" to cut and adhere to the back of your cutting rulers and squares to help keep them from slipping on the fabric.

    Hope this helps ... :) Pat


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