Monday, January 14, 2013

A Dress!

Yes! I did it! I made a dress!

I used some mostly cotton gingham I bought online. I didn't follow a pattern, so I'm sure I didn't do anything the "proper" way. But still! Look! A dress! It fits! And it's blue! :D I totally forgot to get Mario to take a good picture with it on me, but here's a silly cell phone photo of me right after it was made.

I know. My eyes are all crazy and I'm wearing knee high argyle socks. But the socks were just what I was wearing under my jeans and boots that day! I have no excuse for the rest of the ridiculousness in the picture. Like the horse racing arcade machine. Mario bought it to convert into a MAME cabinet. At least, I think those are the right letters. It's basically an arcade cabinet on which you can play a huge number of awesome classic games instead of just one. But so far that hasn't happened and we still have Arlington Horse Racing instead. *sigh* Maybe I should just stand in front of it to model all the clothes I make. Might be kind of fun!

I also bit the bullet and bought some more yard for my scarf. It is now proper scarf length and I am much happier with it. I finished cutting all the squares and stripe for the hounds tooth quilt! Now it is time to get to sewing! I wanted to do some of this over the weekend, but it has been cooooold here. Well, cold for Arizona. I believe I mentioned I don't have central heating? Yeah. So my very poorly insulated sewing room is FREEZING. I cut the fabric out in about 1 hour shifts because that was all my hands could stand. I managed to do the dress in the same way- an hour at a time. But fortunately, a dress is a much smaller project than a quilt so at least I have something to show for this weekend! It will be warming up again later this week so hopefully I will have more progress to show you soon...

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Random side note- You know what makes me happy? That people never seem to get tired of the original Super Mario theme music. I mean really. People play it on all sorts of instruments, turn it into electronic music, make their own awesome renditions of the first few levels with cardboard cut outs for all the props... It's awesome. I'm so glad it was part of my childhood so I can watch all this ridiculousness and smile at the nostalgic feeling in my gut. I spent so many hours playing this game as a kid! My mom still has our original NES and if you play with it long enough, it still works, too. Ah, the good old days... Anyway, I will leave you with this awesome Youtube video:



  1. Your dress is very cute! And, hey, the socks match!

  2. Doesn't everyone have a horse racing arcade machine? lol! I think your picture is awesome and congrats on your first dress :)

  3. Hi Anna,
    Congrats on your first dress, well done. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your work.

  4. Yay on your first dress. Isn't it fun to create without a pattern?


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