Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A New WiP or A Trip Down the Rabbit Hole

I did it. I drank the kool aid. I just couldn't resist any longer.

scrappy trip blocks

That's right. I started a scrappy trip quilt! I kept telling myself I didn't have enough scraps or it would be too tedious and the blocks I did manage to make would end up languishing in a bin somewhere.. But you know what? I'm glad I gave it a shot. Because I am already in love :) What really pushed me over the edge was Couch's scrappy trip beginnings. Because she's a noob like me and since she just decided to go for it I thought, well why not? I can cut strips from fat quarters since I don't have many 2.5" scraps. I can make it work! So I am. Making it work. I couldn't be more pleased. Just 33 more blocks to go to get to the size I want! WOO! My goal is to finish this quilt before I start work, which gives me almost 4 weeks. I CAN DO THIS.

Back to work now! WEEEE!

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  1. You have really great colours going on already! The finished thing will look fab, at whatever point you say 'ok, done!' :)

  2. Yay noobs! We rock! And we are fearless!

    Those forks and spoons are darling, I love them. And I just love the color progression in that top right square, it's pretty rad.

    Once I get more fabric in my stash, we should have a fabric swap or something, since we are so noobular and awesome.

  3. Don't worry about maybe not having enough of a fabric stash, the colors in the blocks work well and you'd never know it. Heck my fabric stash is so small I have only one grey! Anyway your quilt blocks are awesome and I especially love those Les Amis turtles.

  4. Your blocks look great so far. I was all reluctant to do one of these quilts too, and now I use mine every day. (I'm sitting under it right now.) It'll be totally worth it. 33 more! Go! :)

  5. I love the colours you're using - so bright and summery :)


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