Thursday, March 7, 2013

Finished Velocity Girl Bag

I DID IT. I finished my first "real" purse (as in not a tote bag). I messed up a few times, but I love it!

Eep! :D It's a bit bigger than I expected, but I think it will make a great travel purse! The Velocity Girl Bag pattern by Sara at Sew Sweetness was really great and easy to follow. I have only ever made a tote bag before (and I forewent the magnetic snap and zipper pocket because I had no time) and one simple shoulder bag and I didn't have any trouble following the directions. Most of the mistakes I made were my fault- pinning bits incorrectly so I had to go back and re-sew a few parts, mostly. And my machine does NOT like sewing through so many layers. It had a lot of trouble with the strap... I used home dec weight fabric, which probably had a lot to do with it. I think next time I'll use lighter weight fabric or forego the interfacing for the strap and hope that helps. Other than that, it came together pretty easily! Even the zipper! I am definitely no zipper expert and it is definitely a little crooked, but at least I feel like zippers are less scary now :)

Aren't the giraffes on the inside silly? I used all relatively cheap fabric from Joann. Since it was my first attempt at a more complicated pattern, I didn't want to spend a ton of money on fancy fabric for it. But I really like these funny giraffes! I have no idea what I'm going to do with all these pockets... Maybe my little zippy pouch has become obsolete! We shall see.

The only thing I did differently was to not make the strap adjustable. I couldn't find a slider locally and I really didn't want to wait for shipping from an online store. I'm thinking now I might order a slider and add it in, though. The strap is the perfect size now for a cross the body purse, but I might like to wear it shorter some day!

My new bag and I will be off to Vegas in the morning! I'm linking this up to Finish it Up Friday at Crazy Mom Quilts, but I might not have a ton of time to comment on all the other lovely finishes until I get back. Have a great weekend! I know I will :D


  1. Congrats on the finish! I agree, those silly giraffes are awesome. The pink ones are my favorite :)

    I went to Vegas this last summer- I was much better at the arcade games in Circus Circus than any sort of gambling. I hope you have a great time!

  2. Those giraffes are awesome fierce! Love them! Have fun in Vegas!

  3. Did you change your needle to a stronger one? I've found that my trouble with multiple layers during my first bag attempts were mostly due to sticking to my regular needle for everything when a heavy duty one would have come in handy for certain parts.

    Congrats on the finish and enjoy your trip!

  4. Good job for your first bag, especially with your own modifications! I think the giraffes are extremely whimsical. Besides, they'll be smiling at you every time you did in the bag.

  5. I love the giraffe fabric! I might have to go and get some!

  6. Well done! This is a great bag! And I love the inside those giraffs would make me smile every time I opened it :)

  7. cute giraffes inside! you did a great job for a first project.

  8. Your bag looks great, Anna. Love the whimsical lining fabric. You really do beautiful work. I am wondering if you used a heavy duty needle for this one? Also, did you try your walking foot? Even with a heavy duty needle and my walking foot, my older Brother would not have liked to go through that many layers of heavier weight fabric, but it would have helped. Keep those pretty projects coming. I love seeing what you make next ... :) Pat

  9. Sara's patterns are awesome! Wish she would scale them down as I prefer smaller bags myself, but her stuff is really grand! Easy to follow and really great looking!


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