Friday, March 29, 2013

Finished Blocks + Pillow

I did it! I achieved my goal of finishing the rest of my scrappy trip blocks yesterday! I was super tired by the end of it, though. Mostly because I decided to do Insanity (again- I did it once last summer) and as this is my first week, I am SO SORE. But! I can still keep up and even do almost as many push-ups as the super fit people in the videos, so I'm pretty please with myself :) But that made for really sore arms during my sewing fest. My obsession was such that I gritted my teeth through the pain and now I have 36 pretty, scrappy blocks. Please excuse the crappy phone picture. I didn't remember to get out my nice camera while I had the blocks all laid out... and I really don't want to move the furniture and do it again!

finished scrappy trip blocks

I can't wait to get it all sewn together! Then I just have to put together some sort of backing and quilt! Question: if you were me, what color thread would you use for quilting? I feel like white would stick out too much, but there are so many colors, I just can't decide. There is more blue than anything else, probably, so I was thinking maybe a lighter blue. Or light grey, maybe? Hmmm. Help??

Also! In between the scrappy madness, I managed to finish another Sister's Ten pillow:

finished sisters ten bom pillow

For this one, I just did straight line quilting. I couldn't decide what else to do and I didn't want the quilting to distract too much from the block itself, which I am really quite fond of. I love it so much! I need to redecorate my living room to match my new pillows, I think.

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  1. I love the softer shades of color in your work!
    So nice, Anna!

  2. I'm really into scrappy trip around the world and I love your colours!

  3. ...your scrappy trip just kicked mine in the butt. Mine's still not finished, hahaha. I've been so busy with school and designing a bridge that I just haven't had time!

    I'll be excited to see it all done! How do you think you'll quilt it?

  4. How about using a varigated thread with several colors?

  5. You've been busy! Great work! I want to make a scrappy quilt this year sometime.


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