Wednesday, March 27, 2013

WiP Wednesday: Scrappy Edition

I have become obsessed. All I have done since my last post is make scrappy trip blocks... Well, and eat, sleep, and spend time with my boyfriend and dogs. And volunteer at the Poetry Center. But all my other time has been spent on this:

scrappy trip along quilt
Please excuse the huge wire mess... that's what happens when a puppy trips on an errant wire and tangles them ALL up.

This is my scrappy trip quilt at 22 blocks. I am now at 30! I made... 7... of those today. See? I told you I was obsessed! I just need 6 more and I can start putting them together! I really want to try to get those done tomorrow. Then I can spend the weekend putting the top together and cobbling together a backing and then! Next week can be spent quilting! I am SO EXCITED about this quilt. I plan on laying them all out and snapping a couple of photos when I get them all done. I might be lazy and do this with my phone. Follow me on Instagram (@crookedbanana) if you wanna see!

So that's been my week. I haven't really responded to e-mails (sorry!) or spent much time interacting with the outside world at all unless I had a prior commitment. I have a problem. I will rejoin the land of the people shortly, I promise! And hopefully have new projects to show you in the next couple of weeks :)

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  1. Wow! That is great looking so far. Hope you're able to get all you want done. Looking forward to seeing more pictures soon.

  2. Gorgeous colours!

  3. Visiting from Lee's WIP Wed - normally I visit blogs whose photos call to me. Now, nothing wrong with your photo, but it was your blog name that called to me (aren't all bananas crooked). Glad you are having fun with your sewing - the madness is the thing that makes things get done!


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