Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A Decision (and other little things)

After all the wonderful advice (you guys are the best!), I have decided to skip the border. I cut up the pieces and laid it out around the edges of the quilt, but it was just too loud. I think Simply Color could be really fun on a low volume background, but just not in this context. I am going to leave it as-is and quilt and bind it. It's on the small side, but it's so pretty! So who cares, right?

I already have plans for the little rectangles of Simply Color, though. I need more low volume fabric!! This really cleared out my stash...

Anyways, while I was waiting for my HUGE roll of batting to come in the mail (YAY for one day sales!), I spent the weekend with yarn instead.

crochet pot holders / hot pads

My sister's roommate has these cute little crocheted potholders. I loved them so much when I saw them, I just had to go home and make my own (significantly louder) version! So that's what I did this weekend while watching Tomb Raider and Downton Abbey. It was a really lovely weekend :)

Yesterday I had some time to kill before an appointment so I went to a local discount fabric/craft store (SAS for the locals!). I may have "liberated" some pretties from the enormous mountain of cotton remnants...

rescued amy butler fabric

...because let's face it, Amy Butler does NOT deserve to be unceremoniously buried under such a mountain! And when I say mountain, I mean MOUNTAIN. I mean, in theory there are boxes of fabric. But the fabric pile extends a good couple of feet above the boxes and it all just sort of runs together. Who knows what other treasures await my discovery? And all at $4/yd! AMAZING. Unfortunately, I really had to stop myself. I could have dug through that mountain all day and bought all of the pretty fabric! You should see the stack I left behind... But I could already hear my wallet screaming, especially considering the batting roll and the bundle I just bought, too (that will hopefully be in this week so I can show you)!

more bargain fabric

I also got these lovelies, too. The houndstooth is for a project for the boy (who is just as obsessed as I am, fortunately). I really wish I could've found a wider piece of the wide Spot On- it was the same price as fabrics of normal width!

I didn't get a picture, but I also got quite a stack of zippers. The short ones (less than 10" or so) are only $0.25 each. The longest one I got- 22"- I believe was only $0.75. There weren't a whole lot of colors and I will likely also put in an order at Zip It on Etsy, but it's good to know I can get some good neutral colored zippers for super cheap in town. I really want to make more bags, so I have been slowly gathering the hardware stuff I need. Anyone have any good sources for relatively inexpensive purse hardware online?

I have my batting and I'm just about done with the backing. I hope to move on to quilting the little pinwheel quilt soon!


  1. You have excellent taste in fabric. All these are wonderful. I'm jealous.

  2. What a great score on those fabulous fabrics! Love those pot holders, too.

  3. Aww you went SAS-ing ;~; I haven't been in a weirdly long time. Great pulls! I want some new knitting needles/yarn (oooh more projects coming up???) so I probably won't be able to go for another paycheck...if I have a little extra hanging around though, we should definitely go, okay!! If you want to go to Kiwi during the evening sometime this week/end I'll be good for that, I think. OH WAIT tonight is the guild meeting, were you going to go? /utility comment

  4. I love your green and blue wonderful yarn potholders. And of course you had to rescue Amy Butler fabric from the terrible, dark and constraining boxes! Especially at $4/yard, wow I think I need to drive to Arizona...And I must say that pink triangles is an awesome Lizzy House pick; I so adore her fabric and I know that you'll make something great from this and all the other picks. Can't wait to see more of the quilt!


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