Thursday, October 10, 2013


I got a very happy package today!

tula pink acacia fat quarter bundle

OMG so exciting! Acacia! AHH!

tula pink acacia fat quarter bundle- side

Look at that pretty stack!

Tula Pink acacia fat quarters

Do you like the dog paw in the picture? The dogs were particularly clingy today. It was hard to get a shot without one of them!

Tula Pink acacia fat quarters with curious dogs

This is what they were doing most of the time I was trying to take pictures... Sniffing the fabric, staring at it, wondering why it was so interesting to me...

Tula Pink acacia fat quarters with bored dogs

Until they got bored of me and gave up.

Tula Pink acacia fat quarters

So I could finally get a dog-free picture ;) Seriously, though, isn't it pretty? Look at those colors! And the raccoons! Oh my gosh, the raccoons!! I am not sure yet what I am going to make with these lovelies, but it has to be something AWESOME. I was so sad when Salt Water came out because I was sooo broke. I have some of it now, so it's okay, but it's much better to get it when it's still brand new and easy to find! Yay for having a job!

That was my excitement for the day. What about you?

One more gratuitous cute dog photo...

Tula Pink acacia fat quarters with cute dogs


  1. Oh yes, happy mail! I look forward to those days way too much.

  2. very pretty (the fabrics and the doggies!). I've been mulling acacia over too, I might have to take the plunge and get some :)

  3. They are beautiful! (Dogs and fabric). Every time I take a picture of a quilt, my dog immediately gets between me and the quilt. Then wont come when I call him! silly mutts!

  4. Yayyyy happy mail!! I got three fq's of acacia in my anonymous package, I can't figure out what to do with them, too pretty! Do yoi have a pattern in mind? I think an Acacia On a Whim would be amazing c:


  6. Kitty's comment really sums it up - it's beautiful! An awesome fabric pick as always. I really like the purples as you could guess :) And I think I'm on the same wavelength as Gwendellyn, a Acacia On a Whim would probably be very beautiful, if you did want to go that route. Wherever it takes you though, I can't wait to see what you make.


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