Friday, October 4, 2013

Not Quite Finished Friday

Hello everyone!

I have a surprise for you today. A maybe finished quilt top! I know, weird, right? It's not even one of the projects I've been working on! But I got an urge. And put this together in a week using the pinwheel blocks I started making in the spring. So here it is:

low volume pinwheel quilt top
Dappled sunshine! AH! The light is changing with fall. Guess I'll have to adjust my picture taking time!

low volume pinwheel quilt top inside
This is the best I could do indoors!
I'm calling it "maybe" finished because my original plan was to put a brightly colored border around it using my Simply Color charm pack. But now I'm not sure... I really like it as it is right now. Would a border make it better or worse? Here is my original sketch:

low volume pinwheel quilt sketch

Ha, I thought the border would be only 3.5". Then I decided that was a little too narrow and went with 4.5" (partially to accommodate the size of the charm squares).

Right now the quilt measure 56" square. Adding the border would bring it up over 5' square. So, what do you think? Does it need a bright, colorful border? Is it okay as it is? Suggestions would be much appreciated!


  1. I think a colorful border would pop the colors from the middle. I say go for it:)

  2. Even though I LOVE the line Simply Color, I'm not actually sure that I'd say go for it here. Although I do see the advantage of making it bigger, my point of view is to save the charm pack for a different project, since the quilt looks wonderful in these photos. :) If you did want to go with your sketch, I might go for a border of "bricks" but in white-backed low volume prints, with the pinwheels in the corners popping with color again. But you really can't go wrong with this quilt, it looks amazing now and it will look amazing too if you add to it!

  3. Anna ... you have created a great layout for these pinwheels and the placement of the brights and neutrals is wonderful! I really like the way you used the low volume four patches to frame the pinwheels. I think this top looks very finished and very you. If you want to make it larger, you already have a very good suggestion on how you might do so making it low-volume. Personally I would "finish it" with a bright binding. If you decide to go this way, you could chose one solid of your bright colors or a bright print or stripe or check. Looking forward to seeing what you decide and how you quilt this one ... :) Pat

  4. I would probably do something like these stripes to make it a rectangle:

    And I'd probably continue to use the low volumes. and keep the pinwheels as your pop of color.


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