Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Other Side of the Quilt

Um, so there's this awesome linky party going on. Have you heard? Katie over at Swim Bike Quilt is hosting a party to celebrate the Other Side of the Quilt. You've heard me say more than once that I often love the back of the quilt as much if not more than the front, so how could I resist participating?

Here are some photos:

scrappy trip along back
scrappy trip along back

This is the back of my Scrappy Trip quilt. It really came about because I didn't have enough continuous yardage of anything to make a quilt back. So I slapped together bits of all my bright solids and near solids and threw in a strip of leftovers from the front to create this. I absolutely adore it! I love the little strip of squares down the center and all the fun colors. This one really inspired me to make pieced quilt backs as often as possible for the future!

stitch and flip back

And this is the back of my Stitch and Flip or Wonky Triangles quilt (I never really settled on a name!). I had a few stitch and flip blocks left and didn't feel like making more to make the top bigger, so I just put them together on the back with bright teal and green to go with it. I love this quilt back, too! It's so simple, but so pretty.

The back of the quilt I'm currently working on is fun, too. You'll see that soon, hopefully! I want to get it quilted first before I try to take photos.

So I'm linking these up for now! I may link up future quilts as well depending on how long the linky stays open. So how about you? Have any exciting quilt backs to showcase? You should go link up!

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  1. Your quilts do have gorgeous backs. I'd be happy with those as fronts :)


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