Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Finished Wall Hanging

Yes, I did it! I finished my little Tardis wall hanging! Once I decided how to quilt it, it was smooth sailing.

tardis paper pieced quilted wall hanging

I free motion quilted some (not great) swirls in variegated purple thread (leftovers from my houndstooth quilt) to represent all that wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey stuff in the time vortex. Yeah. I'm a nerd. :D I bound it in the same purple because I had nothing really better... But I think it works.

Sorry I didn't get a picture of the back! I added little corner pockets so it would be easy to hang, but totally forgot to snap a picture before handing it over. Oops! The pockets weren't super exciting. Mostly just functional. So you're not missing much, promise.

The best part? Giving it to my friend (finally) for her birthday:

tardis paper pieced quilted wall hanging

Look at that happy face! How do you make a nerd happy? Give them a quilted Tardis :D It is now hanging on a wall next to a picture of Totorro. I have awesome friends.

In other news, I cast on a sweater! Because a sweater is a totally awesome idea for a third knitting project, right?

knit raglan sweater

Can you tell I like purple? And bananas? Mmmm bananas... And sweaters. And learning new things. This is going to be an awesome project.

That's all for today! I will have more to show you later in the week if all goes to plan...

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  1. Nice quilting on your mini quilt. Looks like you have helped make your friend's birthday very happy ... :) Pat

  2. How cute! The quilting really looks great, good choice of thread too. I love mini quilts:)

  3. Oh I love it!! Those swirls are the best! BUt super kudos on your foray into paper piecing, you are a stronger woman than I am, haha :) When do you start on the time lord?

  4. A sweater IS a totally awesome idea for a third knitting project (I'm not even kidding) and your FMQ wibbly-wobbly swirls look great from here. Which sweater are you making?

  5. Love the hanging! Lucky friend. The sweater looks like it will be very lovely!

  6. LOVE the Tardis- what a lucky friend! Good luck with your sweater. What pattern are you using, and are you on Ravelry?


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