Monday, June 3, 2013


First- Have you gone and looked at all the wonderful winners of the Blogger's Quilt Festival? And all the entries?? There is some seriously fabulous inspiration there. You should go check it out if you want some serious eye candy!

I have been playing with layouts for my stitch and flip blocks. Because I guess I like to know where I'm going before I get to the end of a quilt... It has been really bothering me. How is it going to look when I'm done making all the wonky gloriousness? So I have been rearranging them in different layouts, trying to decide so I will cease to be paralyzed by a lack of a known destination...

radiating diamond layout

I sort of stumbled on this one by accident. I was trying to show the boyfriend what I was doing and just laid them out randomly... but then it started to look like fun diamonds radiating from the center. So I went with it. I kinda like this one. I wonder how it would look in a full quilt? Maybe with the central diamond off center? Or maybe with a few large diamond-y things? Hmmm.

little diamonds layout

There is also this diamond-y layout. I quite like how wonky they look. Another possibility.

Wonky hexie sun layout

This one has possibilities if I make all the little blocks sit on point. Then they kinda look like poorly drawn hexagons with pretty points. Like weird multi-colored suns?

little weird butterflies layout

I could also add a little more dead space and make rows of bow ties/butterflies. Or whatever you wanna call them. I prefer to think of them as weird little butterflies. This one could be fun, too... AH!

What do you think? Any preferences? Or other ideas? I could also make some with just one bright corner. Or four. Or three. See what I mean? I could do SO MANY THINGS. I thought this was just going to be easy and fun... But now... I don't know what to do. Any suggestions are totally welcome.

THANKS. What have you been playing around with lately?

Linking up with Let's Get Acquainted, hosted today at one of my favorite blogs to read, Life's Rich Pattern. Go check out Annabella's blog and look at all the linkies! :)


  1. Such versatility! I like the diamond layout - it is very like a baby quilt I made recently. I like the stars that the corners create :) Thanks for linking up!

  2. You are very naturally creative. You may not known this, but these are wonky Kansas Dugout blocks. May of the layouts you have here are typical for this block design. You might find this link interesting ... The blog is "42 Quilts." Kansas Dugout is # 35 block on Modern Monday. You will also find a Kansas Dugout block #35 in the Traditional Tuesday series.

    I like the first and the third layouts the best. The third one looks like a lovely fall of wonky tipped stars to me. I made a traditional quilt similar to the first layout and it was one of my favorite quilting adventures. JMHO. Looking forward to seeing your quilt.

    I am still plugging away on my daughter's wedding table quilts and thinking and dreaming about new ideas for quilts I want to make. Since I am following the Kate Spain blog hop, my eyes keep straying to the Serenade blocks I started for the quick curve ruler sampler. I am actively trying to stay on task, but I hear my Kate Spain stash tucked away out of sight calling my name ... hmmmm scrappy Kansas Dugout blocks in Kate Spain fabrics ... must turn my music player up loud and just keep sewing ... ;) Pat

  3. Although I certainly love the cute layout of the butterflies, my favorite is you first layout, with a centered or offset triangle center since it creates a wonderful radiating look of color. You can't go wrong though, of course, and maybe one idea could even be a table runner or something small if you'd like to try two layouts. Right now for me I need to put my newest finish in the wash and post again, but either Blogger or my internet connection is not allowing me to upload my photos :(

  4. I made a similar style quilt in January (I only did one corner stitch and flip though: ), but when I was planning the layout I made this pinterest board to collect ideas: Your quilt is going to be great with the grey and lots of bright colors!

  5. I really love the first layout, but I don't think you can go wrong with any of them

  6. I like the first one. I've been saving left-over triangle for something similar. It will look great no matter which layout you choose.


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