Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Tuesday/Monday News!

I know it's Tuesday, but it sure doesn't feel like it to me. I work Tues-Sat now, so Tuesday really feels like Monday. Which is rather blah...

So to cheer me up, I am going to show you some things I'm really happy about!

The first thing making me happy: BIG NEWS. I am going to be part of the Let's Get Acquainted New Blogger Blog Hop this year! :D

This is an excellent hop hosted by Beth over at Plum and June. Last year's hop was fabulous! I found a lot of the blogs I follow now through that hop and it is part of what made me decide to start my own blog. I saw how supportive and inviting all these modern quilters were and it made me much more comfortable with the idea of jumping in and joining that community. I am so excited to be included this year! I'll post some more details soon, so stay tuned!

Secnd, SOCKS.

finished knit socks
Yes, there is already white dog hair stuck to my just-finished socks. Joys of owning a husky!

Look! I finished them both! I guess it was a really good thing I was impatient and decided to go with ankle socks- I was able to finish them both with just the one ball of yarn! It was getting pretty close down there at the end, but I still had a tiny bit leftover when all was said and done. So YAY!

I just love them.

finished knit socks

For these I used some unknown color (thanks to my puppy) of Deborah Norville's sock yarn. I know it was some sort of wool blend and I'm almost certain they're machine washable (my other sock yarn of the same brand are!). What else can I tell you? I didn't use a "pattern" per se. I just followed the excellent directions in Kelley's Socks Class at Knit Picks. I highly recommend this resource if you have never knitted a sock before and are a visual learner like me. She goes over all the basics of knitting socks from the cuff down and it is all very easy to follow. These socks aren't fancy (although I did use the slightly fancier "Eye of the Partridge" stitch for the heel flap, which she goes over in the video), but they are functional and they fit perfectly!

I really liked making socks, which surprised me. I found they're a really good small project to bring with me to work to work on during my lunch break. I can easily fit a little pouch with a sock and a ball of yarn in my purse! It's a little more difficult to fit a sewing machine and several yards of fabric, say, or a half-completed afghan. Maybe I should take up EPP so I can bring a little sewing project to work sometimes, though. There are days when all I want to do is SEW and knitting and crocheting do not satisfy that urge!

I'm linking up today with Sew Cute Tuesday at Better Off Thread! Go see what other cute projects are linked up today!

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  1. Socks! So pretty! I love knitting socks- I'm a total addict- and I think that half the reason is that I can take them along everywhere. And, you can play with complicated stitches in a small project... BTW, i always have cat hair on my just completed projects :-)


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